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Why Choose Us

Why choose Meyer Construction Services, Inc. as your first choice when selecting a General Contractor for your construction projects?
How have we grown to become a premier contractor in California?
Here are just a few of the focal points that have Meyers Construction Services standing out in the crowd.

We Are A Team
Starting with our customer development
and estimating group, continuing to our project
managers and our in house skilled labor force and extending right into administration and reception, we really are a team. Meyer Construction is built on a foundation of communication. Our employees don't come and go, they come and stay. Across every department we know each other and we trust each other.
Together we create the dynamic that makes Meyer Construction Services, Inc. unique.

Why Choose Us

California Is Our Home
California is not just where we work, it's where
we live. California has been our established place of
business for over 30 years and no one knows this
state better than we do. We have worked
everywhere from San Diego to San Francisco and
we know yourarea and its surroundings intimately.
We are not afraid to travel either. With
projects in Washington, Nevada, Arizona and
New Mexico we have the all the tools necessary
to perform anywhere in the Western United States.
We Are Here For You
Our customers are our business. We listen to
your questions, your comments and your desires
to ensure you are getting everything you
envisioned in your project. We encourage open communication with our clients and we pride
ourselves on our responsiveness to all of your
needs. We care about the success of your project
as much as you do, and it shows.

Quality Is Our
We know that there is no shortcut to quality.
That's why at Meyer Construction we focus on performing
every task with detailed attention.
We are thorough with every phase of the
construction process to ensure our projects are
built right, and will remain beautiful and
functional throughout the tests
of time. To us quality is not an act,
it's a habit.

Safety Is Our Priority
At Meyer Construction safety is not just a word;
it is a fundamental part of who we are.
Nothing is more important, on any project, than the
safety of our partners, our employees and our visitors.
A safe site is a clean site, which builds both
quality and pride. Safety is our priority and our
flawless safety record of zero accidents and
zero safety incidences proves it.

**Teamwork, Quality, Customer Service, Safety, Knowledge and Experience are just a few of the qualities that make Meyer Construction Services unique.
Everyone we work with has seen it first hand and we are sure that you will too.**

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