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Meyer Construction Services specializes in:

Renovations and Improvements for elite private education facilities. Framing and doors, drywall, plaster, all types finishes, and cleaning
supporting general contractors. Please visit www.meyercoatings.com for all the painting and specialty finishing we offer as well.

We have an experienced service and maintenance division that works to ensure your facilities are properly functioning and maintained.

We work closely with all our partners to ensure smooth tenant space turnover and special needs projects for occupied facilities. We are an all-in-one general contractor and are licensed to perform all the work necessary to make your facilities development, remodel and maintenance the smoothest process possible.

Our professional employees have a wealth of experience in the construction industry, including architectural and industrial processes and are always ready to answer any questions you may have. We provide a system of schedule development and monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication throughout the process.


At Meyer Construction Services we focus on completing your projects on time, in order to get your operations moving and minimize any disruptions. We also work to identify any incomplete items immediately and issue notifications to each subcontracting partner in the form of "punch-list" issues, O&M manuals, warranties and as-built drawings. We value the relationships we have developed with all of our subcontracting and supply partners and work closely with them in order to ensure we always find the products of your choice quickly and cost effectively.

Meyer Construction Services has carried out many projects throughout the state of California and has also successfully completed others in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. We have also worked directly with schools,
colleges, health facilities, retail outlets, banking companies and other construction firms, so we are familiar with all variety of special needs construction.

Did We Mention Environmental Sustainability?

Yup, we do that too. We realize that the sustainability and maintenance of our planet is dependent on the efficiency of products and innovation in design and application.
That's why We work together with the Green Council to achieve all of your LEED and environmentally conscious goals.

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